About SunBox

SunBoxは、2012年にMOD製作とベイピングプロジェクトへの熱意を持つPaolo Volpiによって、DEL-SOLE.itの一部門として設立されました。



E7(2013年)、E8(2015年)、Moonraker(2016年)、LV426(2017年)、Zero Nega(2018年)、Game Over 3、Zero Nega 2、Zero Boro(2019年)など、著名なデバイスを数多く手掛け、世界中に顧客とリセラーを持っています。

多くの国際的なモッダーとのパートナーシップを通じて、SunBoxブランドは急速に成長しました。このパートナーシップのおかげで2017年にはGame Overブランドが誕生し、2018年にはR.S.S. Modsとの提携が強化され、共同でイベントや展示会を開催し、新しい製品ラインを発表しました。過去を重んじながらも、常に新しいものを提案し続けることで、顧客満足を追求しています。SunBoxは、情熱と細部に対するこだわりをもって、手作りのイタリアンスタイルで品質を最優先とするブランドです。私たちは、まだまだやるべきことの多い小さなアトリエであり続けたいと願っています。


SunBox was born in 2012 from the passion of the modder Paolo Volpi for making mods and vaping projects as a specific division of DEL-SOLE.it.

Since then we are well known in the Vaping Market for innovation and design achieved by continuous investment in new projects. Wood, resins as well as aluminum are worked with professional 5 axis machines, giving always the better results in the market. Aircraft aluminium and engravings were and still are the preferred works for a wide range of products. Nowadays SunBox works with the best companies for 3D printing to create the new generation of SunBox products.

That’s not all: SunBox is also known for creating for the first time many solutions and systems in vaping such as Cappy bottles (2015) for bottom feeding mods, and the first ever silicone Cappy bottles on the market in 2016, something that many producers copied in the name – but could not replicate in the core.

With some of the most known devices like E7 (2013), E8 (2015), Moonraker (2016), LV426 (2017), Zero Nega (2018), Game Over 3, Zero Nega 2 and Zero Boro (2019), SunBox has customers and resellers all over the world.

Many partnerships with international modders let SunBox brand grow faster, and Game Over brand was born thanks to this in 2017. In 2018 the partnership with R.S.S. Mods has consolidated, sharing events and exhibitions and a new product line. With an eye on the past keeping the “form factor” and trying to propose anytime something new, customer satisfaction is our task. SunBox is mainly a synonymous of passion and attention for details, our main goal is always the quality, in the typically Italian way of handmade production. So we want to remain a small workshop with a lot of things to do…

SunBox Team